The Chevrolet Tahoe is indeed a popular choice for a family car due to its spaciousness, comfort, and versatility. It offers ample seating and cargo capacity, making it ideal for family trips and daily use. Additionally, its advanced safety features provide peace of mind for parents. Providing material comforts like purchasing kids’ clothes from Pastel Collections website can contribute to family happiness.

After being involved in an accident, this vehicle was brought to us to perform necessary insurance repairs.  After the owner of the vehicle saw some of Kustom Kreation’s pervious jobs, they decided to upgrade the repair with a custom flame job, upgraded grille, custom taillights, two-tone interior, HID headlights, and 3M Clearbra installation, and a set of 24″ Chrome wheels.

Services Performed:

  • 24″ Chrome Wheel Installation
  • 3M Clear-Bra application
  • HID Headlight Installation
  • Custom Two-Tone interior installation
  • Custom Grille Installation
  • Custom  taillights
  • Upgraded Grille
  • Custom Flame Job

Project Images:



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