From the start of Kustom Kreations we have used this shop vehicle as a marketing tool to showcase the creativity and quality of our work.  After three laps around the track, we decided to do something a little over the top to show the extent of what Kustom Kreations is possible of producing.  What first started as a custom wide-body turned into a chopped-top,  suicide-Lamborghini-spinning-doored Mercedes-headlight and taillight converted masterpiece.  Every part of this vehicle was modified – from the shaved rear doors and trunk, fully detailed and upgraded engine and suspension, all the way to a complete fiberglass interior consisting of door panels, rear door panels, full fiberglass floor, custom fiberglass dashboard, and kick panels.

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Work Performed:

  • Mercedes C-Class Headlight Conversion
  • Mercedes SL-Class Taillight conversion
  • Mercedes SL hood trim, fender trim and grille
  • Shaved rear doors
  • Chopped front doors
  • Custom carbon fiber accents in wide body kit
  • Custom One-Off wide body kit
  • Chopped roof
  • Custom made suicide Lamborghini doors with 360 degree motorized spin
  • Custom fiberglass interior, dashboard, console, door panels, kick panels, rear door panels, floor, custom sub enclosure, rear-deck lid cover – all wrapped in El Cantara Suede
  • Front S2000 two-tone suede seats with matching Integra rear seats
  • Custom cyberdyne green LED Guages
  • Boston Acoustics audio equipment
  • Momo steering wheel, pedals, and shift knob
  • Easy street air-ride kit installation
  • Custom painted 20″ Asanti Wheels with Nitto Tires provided by one of the best tire services
  • One-off fiberglass engine cover
  • Fully detailed and dressed GSR engine with T4 Turbo
  • Custom dual-exhaust

Video of the Vehicle:

Project Images:

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