Above: 98 Acura Integra with Custom Made Spinning Suicide Lamborghini Doors

Kustom Kreations offers a wide variety of custom doors for your vehicle ranging from Lamborghini doors (aka vertical doors) to Gullwing or Suicide doors. With years of experience and knowledge needed to properly execute a proper door application, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands with Kustom Kreations and the final result will will exceed your expectations and will be a trouble-free modification to your vehicle to enjoy for years to come.

Keep in mind when selecting a shop to execute your project that a cheaper price does not necessarily represent a better deal in the long run when taking into consideration the cost of paint repair caused by poor application, rubbing, improper fit, poor adjustments, and poor craftsmanship. Other potential problems to take into consideration when modifying your vehicle’s doors include wind noise issues, improper weather seal leading to interior damage, electrical issues caused by poorly modified wiring harnesses, rust or damage on surfaces that have been modified or trimmed that were not properly primed and resurfaced to the pre-installation finish, as well as poor operation and functionality preventing smooth use of the door kit as it was designed and intended for. All of the above can create more problems leading to unanticipated additional costs of repair on top of the initial door installation which will ultimately end up costing you more than choosing a quality installation shop in the first place.

All of the issues listed above are not an problem when a door kit is installed properly to your vehicle. Kustom Kreations has experience with a wide variety of door kit styles and applications, and is also proud to have made and installed the first suicide Lamborghini door application in the world which is fully motorized and can spin 360-degrees when opened. This being said, an installation of a standard Lamborghini door or standard door kit is not a problem for Kustom kreations and you can rest assured the application will be executed with close attention to detail resulting in a high quality installation.

Custom Door Services

  • Lamborghini Doors
  • Suicide Doors
  • Gullwing Doors
  • Remote Control Door Poppers/Automated Entry
  • Remote Power Windows

Video Example of One-Off Custom Application Built & Designed by Kustom Kreations

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