Kustom Kreations is proud to offer state-of-the-art Hydrographic Printing technology with the addition of our new Stainless Steel Water Transfer tank large enough to handle most, if not all applications associated with the automotive industry. This capability allows Kustom Kreations to apply a virtually limitless variety of prints to almost any imaginable surface – fenders, rims, bumpers, wings, interior components, dash kits, handles, or even switches – you name it, it can be dipped. Aside from automotive applications, Kustom Kreations can apply hydrographics to a large variety of items, including sporting equipment, snowboards, skis, crossbows, rifle stocks, plastics, computer cases, motorcycle parts, electronic casings, interior house decor, or any other ridged paintable surface.

What is Hydrographic Printing (also referred to as 3D Water Transfer Imaging or Camo Dipping)? Simply put, it is the process of applying a pattern or print (like camouflage or carbon fiber) using our state-of-the-art water printing tank to any number non-porous surfaces, such as plastic, glass, metal or wood. The Hydrographic process allows us to coat complex three-dimensional shapes (which would have previously been impossible to apply a print to) with a high-quality, high-resolution image and top coat it with any number of finishes including (gloss, semi-gloss, or flat clear coat) to meet any personal preference with the final result.

We also accept commercial inquiries for Hydrographic printing and can price jobs based on quantity.

Examples of Hydro Graphic Printing

Sample Prints & Patterns for Hydro Graphic Printing


Carbon Fiber

Animal Prints



Wood Grain

Miscellaneous Patterns