In late 2010, Kustom Kreations moved into a brand new state-of-the-art 3,000 square foot facility featuring a Global Refinishing full downdraft spray booth with heat make-up and bake.  This on-site paint capability gives us greater flexibility with client projects, greatly expands the array of paint services and options we provide on-site, decreases our turn-around time, significantly speeds up client projects, all the while reducing the overall cost for our clients.  Our shop also features a rotary screw compressor with the highest standard air filtration system to prevent contamination, impurities, and imperfections in the paint.

The Kustom Kreations body shop focuses on quality not quantity by taking on a limited number of cars at a time in order to devote the highest level of attention to each project.

Photos of the Kustom Kreation’s Facility