Above: 98 Acura Integra 4-Door Custom One-off Widebody

Whether its a complicated custom widebody kit fabrication or a standard wing installation, Kustom Kreations has you covered. With years of experience and knowledge with fiberglass parts and installing them, through trial and error and the process of elimination, we have gained extensive knowledge of body kit materials, their characteristics, and how they react under different conditions.

Whether your project involves fiberglass, ABS or urethane we are familiar with their characteristics and the proper materials to use in collaboration with them to ensure a quality, long-lasting product for years to come and to avoid well known issues such as shrinking, swelling, cracking, etc. caused by improper use of materials and poor installation.

If it’s a clean, quality installation you are seeking for your vehicle, Kustom Kreations is the body shop for the job. Contact us today for an appointment to discuss the details of your project. If you have car-related questions such as how much does uconnect cost, you can instantly ask the experts.

Body Kit Installation & Fabrication Services

    • Body Kit Installation & Fabrication
    • One-off Body Kit Design

Above: 2002 Toyota Camry with BMW 3-Series Headlight Conversion

    • Headlight and Taillight Conversions
      A headlight or taillight conversion is a transformation of a vehicle’s cosmetic appearance utilizing headlights and taillights from other vehicles to create a one of a kind look or to give the appearance of a complete front or rear of a different vehicle. For example, installing BMW or Mercedes head or taillights on a completely different vehicle giving them appearance of a BMW or Mercedes to the untrained eye.
    • Installation of Wings, Spoilers, Fender Vents, etc.
    • Installation of Sunroofs
    • Shaved Door Handles, Antennas, and Any Other Unwanted Body Parts
    • Large Scale Body Work Such as Restorations, etc.
    • Fender flare installation and custom fabrication

Above: 2006 Honda Civic Si Hatchback Custom One-off Widebody

  • Widebody Kit Installation & Fabrication
    With our extensive knowledge and background with widebody kits, installing and fabricating them, we have the ability to install a pre-fabricated kit or create a one-off custom design to your specifications, ideas, or renderings.
  • Visor Installation & Fabrication
  • Running Board Installation
  • Custom Grille Installation & Fabrication
  • Installation & Fabrication of Custom Motorcycle Parts, Inner-Fairings, Extended Bags, Front and Rear Fenders, Wind Screens, Tank Extensions, etc.

Body Kit Installation & Fabrication Gallery